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Every day but Sunday I ship out the finest cannabis in the world. I always include tracking and have excellent stealth techniques. However if customs nabs it and you have a good reputation here we split the loss 50/50. Enjoy.
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3.5 gram size - request for more

Leafley: Pineapple Kush marijuana strain has an aroma of pineapple with accents of caramel and butter. The flavor is described as a subtle sweet pineapple taste with a mint undertone. While the breeder of this strain is unknown, its parents are Pineapple and Master Kush. The buds are brown/green in color and covered with amber crystals. With a THC content of up to 15% and CBD of 0.14%, the buzz is commonly described as cerebral, with a light body sensation.

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7 grams of any of my listed strains, please see the 1 ounce listings for details.
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Leafley: Master Kush is a popular indica cross created out of two landrace strains from different parts of the Hindu Kush region. Master Kush is bred by the Dutch White Label Seed Company, located in Amsterdam. During maturation the plant produces a subtle earthy, citrus smell with a hint of incense, which is often described as a vintage flavor. The taste of Master Kush is reminiscent of the famous hard-rubbed charas hash. This strain holds a superb balance of full-body relaxation without the mind-numbing effect that many indica strains produce. Instead, Master Kush offers a sharpened sensory awareness that can bring out the best of any activity.

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Leafley: Hitting the market in summer of 2016, Gorilla Glue #1 by GG Strains is the potent and flavorful sister strain to Gorilla Glue #4, who took the fast lane to fame in recent years after snagging several Cannabis Cup awards. This indica-dominant phenotype has a more piney aroma than her sister, though they were bred from the same parent genetics (Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel). Patients typically look to GG #1’s heavy-handed effects to treat pain and sleeplessness.

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Leafley: Don’t let the name fool you: this is pure cannabis. Few strains compare to Green Crack’s sharp energy and focus as it induces an invigorating mental buzz that keeps you going throughout the day. With a tangy, fruity flavor redolent of mango, Green Crack is the perfect daytime medication for patients treating fatigue, stress, and depression.

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Green Crack has branched into two genetic lineages, the most common of which is its sativa line descended from Skunk #1. The 75% indica variety of Green Crack is said to have come from an Afghani strain, and is marked by a tighter bud structure. Because its name perpetuates a negative image of cannabis, some people have taken to calling this strain Cush (with a ‘C’) or Green Cush instead.
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9/10 7 Grams of Any Strain
Unfortunately packet arrived after being opened by customs. However seller gave 100% refund, not 50% so credit where it's due, responsive to msgs also
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1/10 Gorilla Glue
The stuff never arrived tracking was never given this guy is a straight scammer tramp
rated 561 days ago   took 0 days to arrive
10/10 Green Crack
Amongst my best smokes ever, worth the wait.
rated 569 days ago   took 10 days to arrive
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