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generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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Tokens earnings
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Parcel opened by customs :(
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No USA ?? shippers ?‍♂️?‍♂️
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I changed money to bitcoin . I’ve done it a few times now but last time I got charged a crazy amount on the transa…
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Delivery times
It should turn up man looking at the reviews most …
Do you correspond with your customers?
Have order in myself man . I’m sure everythi… + 3 more
Cali ounces, direct to you! (INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING)
:) :) + 2 more
Coinbase free money
Cheers man let us no . If he gets back to me I&rsq… + 4 more
Favourite strains
Cali import Dispensary Og Kush Shatter @ £60 a g
Nice man will have to try that
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
We’re does bitcoins go once order has expired
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Vote on which flavor you want added to the menu (3 Choices!)
Emm 3 lovely strains man emm me personally would g…
Half price flash sale on "Sirius Black" pm for details!
Awesome value for Money there man :)
Thank you
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{buy help}
Empty parcel customs
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Free Weed to China
Exactly we’re all the same really just tryin…
What would you like in the christmas hamper?
Emm Xmas hamper obviously top class stuff from eve…
Left pm for you
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I can second that
Slight Set Back
Sorry to hear man. I don’t no much at all ab…
Hey if I was buying a few bits do you have to pay shipping fees for all the items individually.Cheers in advance for you…
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bigg now