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Let me start by saying F**k cancer , Dad of 2sets of twins : night time smoker daytime toker :) Good things come to those who wait, herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction, Bob Marley :)
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Stay safe out there everyone
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Ronalds grape slurpee :)
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That feeling when the posty walks straight by your house :<
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No USA ?? shippers ?‍♂️?‍♂️
Pope of dope vanished on my page ??
Bitcoin price drop :(
Bit worried to order
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Royal Mail losing parcels
I changed money to bitcoin . I’ve done it a few times now but last time I got charged a crazy amount on the transa…
My vendors so far all 100 percent
Parcel opened by customs :(
Hey don’t no if anyone can help made purchase vendor sent it didn’t make it past there local regional facilty . Gets to me with nothing in it. Got onto vendor and he’s blanking me now. Is there anything I can do or is that it . Hate doing this 20 buys and this first time it happened . If vendor answered pm it be so much easier
Time you supported the local team mate.
so got the parcel, but it was empty?? interested to hear how this develops.
Yea man that’s wat had me confused to . No customs letter in the parcel packages of vendor before and this was first one that’s happened to and the only one with customs on the tracking. Waiting on vendor to respond. Have got other parcels of problems before. But sent few messages now and no response so worrying abit now
Bummer man. Be sure to let us know when you hear back from the vendor. I'm curious, if you can discuss, where was parcel shipped from, and to what country? I am from EU and I almost always ordered from within EU, so none of my parcels ever went through customs. I did order form USA once and also got it without going through customs (but i ordered shatter, it was in a plain envelope, looking like just a normal letter)
Will keep you updated man. Just waiting on vendor . Yea I’ve got 6 previous purchases with him and none them had customs on it . Only this one. Hopefully vendor can sort something for me . It’s from us to eu man . I’m just confused as to why customs found it , cellotaped it back up and sent it on it’s way without customs letter or anything.
Maybe the customs guy kept it for himself and just sent the parcel back on it's way....who knows anyway...hope you sort things out with no fuss man. Cheers
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She sucked on that pipe as I dabbed her : >
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:) :) Gutted he only domestic now + 4 more