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Outline for Cannabis Stealth Video
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What is the difference between Sativa and Indica?
thats crazy, how
My favourite thing about Back To the Future
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The Royals Should Pay Slavery Reparations
in short their finances are assets: around 1 billion income from property: 20 million pounds every year income from each of our pockets: 80 million p… + 3 more
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'I invented a time machine' | Ron Mallett Time Travel Documentary
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Trop tôt; The Story of Minitel
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most embarrassing song in your collection?
id like to see someone beat this
Wireheading Done Right: Stay Positive Without Going Insane
i think lb is a good start
My first order with free money!
That's awesome where did you post?
What is Neo Feudalism?
I think there has always been feudalism in one form or another. There is always a class that ultimately owns everything because they can confiscate i…
As Web Content Creator How Should I Use This?
There's some clickbait worthy headlines in the political and science posts.
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Best Star Wars VR Game?
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Top 100 Albums in the Rick Rubin Extended Universe
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VR Therapy
i find vr very therapeutic, the instant escape is unbeatable