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why are there still presidents?
Why do we watch so many super hero movies?
I’m a cop. I won’t fight a ‘war’ on crime the way I fought the war on terror. (washington post)
I think video games have put us all inside a 1st p…
what comes after the web?
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The Room Where The Internet Was Born
incredible, proto-biggaz!
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Why is it so hard to forgive others?
To be fair most of the Muslim world is attacking i…
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Day 11 waiting
i wish the world were that honest mate. this doesn… + 2 more
Initiative: Own Page Visible to Post or Vote on Others
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Free stella lumens
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Can satisfied customers release escrow early?
transaxe support
Merry Christmas You Filthy Muggles
Spell check yourself
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aldous huxley interviewed by mike wallace
tldr: Emotion bating media manipulation will ruin…
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