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by  Nam
Advice for Growing
Hi LB buddy . I plan to grow an autoflower outdoor of my balcony for this summer and think about organic grow .I have few question hope you all can help me out .

1 - Which brand of soil for organic grow ( ? how long it last until I need to add nutrient

2 - What organic nutrient brand should I use ( simple to use is good idea ) or add nutrient by nature way like ( eggshelf , banana skin ec. )

3 - my plant will get about 7 hours sunlight and the rest under 100w mar hydro light ts600 I tend to go for 20/4 light cycle .

Thanks you so much for any other advice . Love you all
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UK420 (linked above) is a good forum for information so get yourself signed up and ask the guys on there.

I'd help but I don't grow in soil nor on a balcony!

Good luck🍀

Cheers BB 😊👍🍻
Cheers buddy
Hi Buddy

- BioBizz has a decent line of organic products, including a ready to use organic soil. The nutrient bottles come with the feeding schedule on the bottles, but I'm sure you can find this on their website too if you wanted to know before hand. Follow their directions and you should be good. You'll need to read the signals your plant is giving off too, and add nutrients from there. There's alot of help and charts online to identify different issues if you run into them.

If you wanted to use dry amendments instead of organic liquid nutrients, check out "Living soils UK" on eBay, they sell bundles with everything you need - minus the soil. No matter what you go with, make sure to use worm castings in your base mix , they are phenomenal for the health and eco system in your living soil. Make sure to use water that is filtered and has 0 chlorine

- I'm only guessing here, but wouldn't moving your plant to different environments every day stress it out? Would it be best just always leaving it under the lamp, or always outside?
Yeah I think about that way may stress the plant , I may have to go 7hours under sunlight but affair that won’t produce anything . I don’t have a setup inside on the light and a small store room .
1. House and garden bat special, provides everything a plant needs for 6 weeks which should cover your “grow” stage on the auto, (keep in mind after 2 weeks you can feed small amounts of nutrients)

2. As others have mentioned your best bet would probably be bio bizz, due to it being very forgiving and also easy to use, but if you prefer doing things “naturally” Google says “ worm castings, blood meal, fish meal, or bat guano for nitrogen; bone meal or rock dust for phosphorus; wood ash or kelp meal for potassium; and dolomite lime for calcium or magnesium”, you can buy all these as dry amendments some slow release and some fast, (slow release is harder to see if you’ve over or under fed as deficiencies slowly creep up over a few days/weeks instead of over night/ 2 days) also using apples blended into a liquid form will help your plant bloom faster, this is used for fruit trees that are unwilling to naturally produce fruit, something to do with the gasses that the Apple releases tricks it into to thinking it’s dying or something along those lines, not completely sure of the science so don’t quote me

3. Is it 7 hours full sun or slightly shaded? If it’s full sun the 100w will be more than enough to get a decent yield with hybrid lighting, if shaded you may be a lil disappointed with the yield as the 7 hours shaded will most likely be a “sleep” cycle for the plant, basically a small rest to prepare its self for the more intense artificial light

4. Some tips I’ve learnt along the way, reducing the light during the flush stage will speed up the finish time by a couple days and produce slightly better aroma and flavour as well as producing more trichomes due to the extra amounts of cold it will get during the “night” cycle, a heat mat can be used to keep root zone temperature optimal (better suited for uk winter) but you will have to water twice as much so keep that in mind, running a light cycle of less than 10 hours during flower will take 1-2 weeks of your grow making your plant finish earlier, this works by making the plant think it’s almost winter so it speeds everything up (however this can cause hermies)
Using 2 light spectrums such as “white” leds and “red and blue” leds will give you increased yield due to the spectrum being so wide allowing the plant to do as it pleases, clonex in your water for the first couple of weeks of veg and flower build a great root ball as well as great immunity, when flushing allow your plant to slightly dry out inbetween the last 2 waterings, this tells the plant to force all its energy into the buds to look for extra nutrients that it can use and when your about to chop let it die on the vine, this will give you a almost perfect 14 days dry time with buds being just about touch and crumble with stems snapping with ease, then put those in a jar so they can gain some humidity back and you’ll have a perfecto smoke

I could be wrong as most of it is “bro” science, but The people I’ve shared some with say it’s the best they have smoked, I personally don’t think that but I guess it’s the same as a high tier chef, he doesn’t really think his food is high tier because he knows no different
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Agree with the bio bizz, grow and bloom will do an auto flower. Most soils will provide the plant enough nourishment for two weeks. Tropic Mix is good.
Autoflowers require less nutrients than photoperiods and will actually get stressed if you overfeed and overwater. Most bottle nutrients dosage schedules are for photoperiods. You should start feeding an auto at the 2-3 week mark and start with an 1/8th of the recommend nutrients, moving up to a 1/4 and then 1/2 once its well established and in flowering.
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