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Grown expertly in the UK. Enjoyed throughout the European Union.
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These delicious vegan gummies are made with genuine passion fruit puree and are completely natural and without any animal products. With a 35mg THC content 1 is enough for someone without much tolerance, 2 is good for most people. The THC is provided by winterised solvent free Honey oil made from pure Zombie Kush buds
$40.00 BTC0.0057 passion fruit 10 35 mg gummies
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Choclatey earthy Thai stick. Comes in long thin strips, first actual sticks we've seen in years Mellow sativa high Old school Thai, Perfect for those who don't like the heavy flowers which are around today. Great for smoking all day.
$50.00 BTC0.0071 7 grams
$93.00 BTC0.0131 14 grams
$170.00 BTC0.0239 28 grams
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These Malana cream pellets have been hand sourced and imported from the high Parvati Valley. Insanely soft and oily with that characteristic himalayan smell it's been a few years since I have seen anything like this here in the UK. One for the real hashish lovers.
$170.00 BTC0.0239 pellet 10 grams
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This honey oil has come to us from cali and is frankly an incredible product. Thick like treacle, very translucent and full of terpenes.. Extremely pure and very strong it is ideal for making your own vape carts with so you know what is in them, perfect for edibles and also people who want the cleanest and purest cannabis oil for medicinal purposes. I can't begin to say the quality of this product, anyone who has experienced honey oil extractions will be able to see how good it is, This is sent out in silcone jars.
$110.00 BTC0.0155 Zombie Kush strain 1 grams
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Hand rubbed hash sourced in Kasol in the Parvati valley (the birthplace of Kush) perfectly soft and oily.

Relaxing and uplifting with a clear trichome structure and fresh smell.
$52.00 BTC0.0074 3.5 grams
$95.00 BTC0.0134 7 grams
$174.00 BTC0.0245 14 grams
$315.00 BTC0.0443 28 grams
$980.00 BTC0.1377 100 grams
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Pick Your Choice from our Fresh, All Organic Inventory. We will send your highest choice in stock at that moment.

Current Stock
Bugglegum Kush
Critical (Dutch Import)
OG Wreck
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$129.00 BTC0.0182 7 grams
$370.00 BTC0.052 28 grams
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9/10 genuine thai stick
rated 9 days ago   took 4 days to arrive
10/10 Rif Valley Moroccan 2nd Press Hash
rated 15 days ago   took 5 days to arrive
10/10 Parvati Valley Charas
rated 15 days ago   took 3 days to arrive
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