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Grown expertly in the UK. Enjoyed throughout the European Union.
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Hand rubbed hash sourced in Kasol in the Parvati valley (the birthplace of Kush) perfectly soft and oily.

Relaxing and uplifting with a clear trichome structure and fresh smell.
$21.00 BTC0.0016 1 gram
$46.00 BTC0.0034 3.5 grams
$73.00 BTC0.0053 7 grams
$121.00 BTC0.0088 14 grams
$208.00 BTC0.0151 28 grams
$550.00 BTC0.0399 100 grams
$1,945.00 BTC0.141 500 grams
$3,400.00 BTC0.2465 1000 grams
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Pick Your Choice from our Fresh, All Organic Inventory. We will send your highest choice in stock at that moment.

Current Stock
Bugglegum Kush
Critical (Dutch Import)
OG Wreck
$78.00 BTC0.0057 3.5 gram
$129.00 BTC0.0094 7 grams
$370.00 BTC0.0269 28 grams
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9/10 Parvati Valley Charas
rated 33 days ago   took 3 days to arrive
9/10 Parvati Valley Charas
Delayed delivery due to bank holiday, but exactly as advertised and worth the wait! Will use again.
rated 49 days ago   took 6 days to arrive
9/10 Stone Island Terrace Hash
rated 78 days ago   took 7 days to arrive
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