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Grown expertly in the UK. Enjoyed throughout the European Union.
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Hand rubbed hash sourced in Kasol in the Parvati valley (the birthplace of Kush) perfectly soft and oily.

Relaxing and uplifting with a clear trichome structure and fresh smell.
$21.00 BTC0.0026 1 gram
$46.00 BTC0.0057 3.5 grams
$73.00 BTC0.009 7 grams
$121.00 BTC0.0149 14 grams
$208.00 BTC0.0256 28 grams
$550.00 BTC0.0676 100 grams
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$3,400.00 BTC0.4178 1000 grams
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Pick Your Choice from our Fresh, All Organic Inventory. We will send your highest choice in stock at that moment.

Current Stock
Bugglegum Kush
Critical (Dutch Import)
OG Wreck
$78.00 BTC0.0096 3.5 gram
$129.00 BTC0.0159 7 grams
$370.00 BTC0.0455 28 grams
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10/10 Parvati Valley Charas
Quality packaging, good comms and uber sticky charas! Thanks again DP
rated 33 days ago   took 8 days to arrive
9/10 Parvati Valley Charas
Great product. 4 days due to ordering at the weekend
rated 50 days ago   took 4 days to arrive
9/10 Parvati Valley Charas
Nice clean hash with a pleasant uplifting high. I've not had that much experience with Indian hashes, so can't compare it to much. It wasn't as potent or buzzy as the stickier charas I've come across,...
rated 61 days ago  
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