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devvy borg
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share devvy borg and generate bitcoin with reference codes.
14 topics on devvy borg
by  hesh10/10
unusable items wall!
by  zeppomarx
is there a little biggy api?
by  xs8
Need help with the website?
Can't upload images
how does a devvy borg work?
Orders showing as unpaid on my side but not the customer side
Please fix this multiple product review issue!
devvy borg
Ugly pics please
Little but Bigg glitches - Do other vendors agree?
devvy borg
lb shopping baskets and more
Mobile first is bangin
Product amounts missing (glitch)
Fixed:notices for messages and orders is not working anymore
Exclude visibility from people wall
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Initiative: Ban Cali Claims
we have dropped this because the wonderwall algorithm appears to be compensating for cali claims now.. + 2 more
Heads Up about Multiple Orders
Can you post a screenshot of this please? Blur anything sensitive
are gravitational waves?
started topic
How long to register?
Can you tell us what you mean by register?