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devvy borg
joined aug 2018

0 no harm
1 no irl legacy data
2 users are the fountainhead and the final word

please use lb initiatives for development suggestions and little buggy for bug reports. thank you.
share devvy borg and generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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devvy borg
Open Projects: Start Coding Right Now
devvy borg
Your lb Coding Idenity
devvy borg
open for coding - tags part 5 : new items writer
devvy borg
open for coding - tags part 4 : react item tags writer & display
devvy borg
tags+item sorting coding (parts 1, 2,3 closed)
devvy borg
payment processor requirements
devvy borg
requesting an api key
by  zeppomarx
is there a little biggy api?
devvy borg
Ugly pics please
devvy borg
lb shopping baskets and more
11 posts by devvy borg
do you fix inventory by sizes or stay flexible?
started topic
Can’t add new item for sale
if this is still happening please post a screen shot
how to create, debate, and vote for initiatives
If initiatives are to guide our development work instead of borgs we need a rational process like the one attempted here. No one can ever know what t… + 2 more
Initiative: Ban Cali Claims
we have dropped this because the wonderwall algorithm appears to be compensating for cali claims now.. + 2 more
[hiring] open research: crypto wallets
started topic + 4 more
How long to register?
Can you tell us what you mean by register?