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devvy borg
joined aug 2018

0 no harm
1 no irl legacy data
2 users are the fountainhead and the final word

please use lb initiatives for development suggestions and little buggy for bug reports. thank you.
share devvy borg and generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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devvy borg
Open Projects
devvy borg
Your lb Coding Idenity
devvy borg
tags+item sorting pre-specfiction part 4
devvy borg
tags+item sorting coding (part 2 closed)
devvy borg
payment processor requirements
devvy borg
requesting an api key
by  zeppomarx
is there a little biggy api?
devvy borg
Ugly pics please
devvy borg
lb shopping baskets and more
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Initiative: Ban Cali Claims
is there any opposition to this? + 2 more
[hiring] open research: crypto wallets
started topic + 4 more
How long to register?
Can you tell us what you mean by register?