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devvy borg
Ugly pics please
Little but Bigg glitches - Do other vendors agree?
Some Little but Bigg glitches in our opinion!

These are 2 of the little things (and sometimes the little things can mean the most) that made LB extremely user-friendly and great for vendors! Now it seems a little un-friendly (glitchy).

Firstly the ability to stock control for vendors - as in the quantity (1, 2, 3, 4 etc) of weights (3.5g, 7g,14g etc) that a customer can buy of a particular product to stop the issue of overselling! This feature seems to have been removed? In turn - its kind of broken something that was perfectly fixed before hand.

Secondly and we're unsure if this was just us but before the update - an order placed would show as "Action Taken" a notification would show as a "Notification" and a message would show as a "Message" - another great feature! But now everything (orders, notifications, messages) just show as a "Message". In turn again this kind of seems to have broken something that was perfectly fixed before hand.

2 brilliant Little but Bigg features that seem to have been removed/glitched out. Would be hugely appreciated and great to bring them back please! :)

Much love and respect!
British Bulldog
The stock control never worked for me, I think it was mentioned in another thread a while ago.

Woke up with 2oz of orders I couldn't fulfil, which was annoying.

I have noticed there's now a 'cancel order' option for vendors which I think is a good thing as that wasn't there before.

Cheers BB
The new cancel button is very nice, I can't believe it wasn't added from the start tbh
Hi BB, just wondering if a vendor decides to cancel how does the payment get back to the buyer? Thanks, genuine question mate not being funny
British Bulldog
That's one for Transaxe buddy, I don't know the answer but if you contact them they're usually very quick to respond compared to the other borgs, and seem to know their stuff.

Sorry I couldn't be more specific but don't want to give you any misinformation.

Cheers BB
I’ve had a big issue myself as a buyer. I placed a large order with a trusted vendor for multiple items. It doesn’t appear in my messages or orders AT ALL. I have no evidence I ever placed an order except that my money has left my wallet.

The seller can see what I ordered and how much, but can’t see my address (have already messaged them) and can’t mark it as sent, so can’t get the money released from escrow. Understandably they won’t send my order til they’re sure they’ll get paid, so my order has been in limbo for at least a week.

I’ve contacted LB support, the seller, and transaxe support and was directed here. Please help!
devvy borg
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