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Buying weed in Thailand
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How is Nationalism Any Different from Racism?
The national front! They were nationalists that says all you need to know!!!
A Jew and a Scotsman have dinner.
Beautifully crafted hahaha + 2 more
Good coffeeshops in Amsterdam
My ex was dutch and I've been there too many times to remember, 420 cafe mate it's got boom bud and its not as loud and cheesy as most of them, used t…
Is Growing Outdoor Worth It?
Outside all the way but not in uk , one of the best smokes I get every year is from Thailand it's all grown outside and if you know the right people a…
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Do you browse securely?
No need but if it makes you comfortable do it, as long as this place only sells weed it's safe!! I use VPN but most of the time forget turn on , if yo…
Roach vs Filter. What you using?
For me I suggest forget any joint everyone should have a roor bong it's the only way to smoke! and much better on your lungs ,I personally ain't smok…