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Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects World Map
I'd rather not. Anyone who honestly believes that the Pfizer vaccine is magnetic, is really not worth my time. + 5 more
The evidence is on the site
Calm down mate. Can I recommend that you give the site a break for a while. Getting angry really isn't good for your health. Perhaps go for a nice wal… + 2 more
Where are you?
Honestly mate, I really wouldn't worry at all. MJ is probably the most reliable vendor on here. He does occasionally go awol for a couple of days, but… + 2 more
Where's Smoggy at?
I know. How dare he! Taking some time over the bank holiday weekend. The bloody cheek of it! + 2 more
Unpaid orders today
So you got re-ship and you're still moaning, publicly.
I would never order off of a vendor who has sent stuff out in this state, even if they did subsequently sort it. This vendor is clearly as thick as pi…
Sabotage feedback?
I imagine the reviewers brain also isn't even the size of a lighter.
How do we know it's genuine?
I would have to question the sanity of anyone willing to pay this much for an 8th of bud, especially considering it's fairly unlikely to be genuine Ca…
Got any Cranes mate? Or some Herrons perhaps?
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on  Emz2460
Package collected from post office by hampshire police
You should certainly name the vendor publicly. Poor packaging is unacceptable, especially when it leads to police involvement. By naming the vendor pu… + 5 more
Can we do (Xanax) here please this is just a question don't shoot me down
Vendors have previously been nominated for termination, and subsequently terminated for selling benzos.
Didn't you know: some of the sellers on here can simply sense the thc levels just by holding a bud to their forehead and thinking happy thoughts! + 2 more
on  EasyMe33
Should I escrow?
Don't sweat it mate; we all have our moments. Please do update this as and when your parcel arrives. I hope you don't have to wait too long for it. … + 3 more
on  Richy781
Are there any festive flavoured buds out there atm?
You never know. I do hear some growers have started growing in mince pies and watering with Eggnog!!
What happened to the stealth man!
There really is no excuse for putting customers at risk in this way. It's unforgivable.
Consistency of shatter.
I guess it just wasn't shattery enough for him!