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I need a new series to watch
L'Immortale or the Immortal is the name, was out l… + 3 more
on  Cmj14
Hash...which one?!
Drugs inc - 00 hash RB - critical hash TGT - King …
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Advice on strains to treat insomnia
GG4, wedding cake an stardawg usually do the trick…
Thieving posty... Advice
Send yourself some heavily laced weed, that will s…
what are people supposed to think
I ordered NDD and was marked as sent 8th, pack fin…
on  Sammy2912
Prices are ridiculous
For the prices you expect a top class product. I g…
Problems with delivery. Do not recommend.
As an outsider looking in its you that's coming ac…
Critical Hash
Im going to wait a bit longer i think, until you t… + 2 more