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Please remember to pay for postage, your items will be delayed until the correct amount has been paid. I don't offer a free service at the moment, so please select the 1st class option, you can use the extra item box to combine postage costs. Hello and welcome to MJ Concentrates. Bringing to the UK and the rest of Europe, some of our own branded products, as well as shatter from across the pond. We will continue to list our vape carts made with distillate, terpenes.These guys are available in a range of flavours. Featuring Liberty V1, dual wick cartridge.The Canna chocolate is here to stay and will continue to blow your mind! The mission is to bring you products that are not only genuine but actually work. Bulk prices are available, please send a message and we can make a custom order for you. We are UK and Europe only for now as we know that 99.99% of parcels will get through. Thanks for checking us out and we hope you become a regular customer. Any questions, please send a message. Please allow 1 - 3 business days for delivery in UK, 5 - 12 days for Europe.
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To say these are tasty, is an understatement. These are hella tasty! THC marshmallows, strawberry and vanilla flavour, infused with fruity loops shatter.

Absolute minimum in the packs is 100mg, they all will be over, in varying degrees.
1g mallow is equal to, min 2mg thc

The packs will contain a mixture of both flavours, some have more vanilla, some have more strawberry, some are pretty even. So its going to be pot luck in that aspect.

It does look like I've taken these pictures with a marshmallow.
$17.00 BTC0.0018 Vanilla and cotton candy 100 mg
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THC Gummies, made with gelatin.

Infused with Fruity Loops shatter.

These have a good shelf life, they won't turn into mush after a couple of weeks. During testing, I left some bears out for 6 weeks, they didn't degrade. They dehydrated slightly, reducing the overall size by a minuscule amount, but not the potency.

They do not like too much heat, so avoid transporting in pockets close to the body.
$19.00 BTC0.002 Berry Blue Bears x 10 @ 10mg 100 mg
$19.00 BTC0.002 Lemon Bears x 10 @ 10mg 100 mg
$35.00 BTC0.0036 Berry Blue Bears x 10 @ 20mg 200 mg
$39.00 BTC0.004 Raspberry Rounds x 5 @ 50 mg 250 mg
$39.00 BTC0.004 Strawberry Rounds x 5 Sweets 250 mg
$39.00 BTC0.004 Berry Blue Rounds x 10 @25mg 250 mg
$39.00 BTC0.004 Berry Blue Rounds x 5 @ 50mg 250 mg
$72.00 BTC0.0074 Strawberry Rounds x 10 Sweets 500 MG
$72.00 BTC0.0074 Raspberry Rounds x 10 sweets 500 mg
$72.00 BTC0.0074 Berry Blue Rounds x 10 Sweets 500 Mg
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MJ concentrates own branded THC cartridges.





If you take a huge hit, it may feel harsh on your throat and make you cough.

Personally, I use a 380mAh battery 2.7 - 3.3v

All I can do is recommend how I, personally, use this product. There is no BEST way or BEST battery its all down to how you like to enjoy it.

The red label now utilises the Liberty V1 cartridge, dual cotton wick, air holes and even a cap for your drip tip. The manufacturer states that the resistance on the coil is 1.6ohms. A noticeable improvement with the thicker oil in this cart.

This red label vape cart, contains no less than 450mg (90%) THC / 900mg (90%) THC

No PG,VG,PEG used in these products.

These are a great stealth option.

510 Thread CE3

0.5ml carts - 450mg
1ml carts - 900mg

Check quantity for availability.

Feel free to send a message if you want to double check.
$44.00 BTC0.0046 Biscotti 450 mg
$44.00 BTC0.0046 Strawberry Cheesecake 450 mg
$44.00 BTC0.0046 Cherry Pie 450 mg
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These decadent treats are made with Belgian chocolate which we infuse with high quality shatter - Fruity Loops

Contains coconut oil.
100mg medicated chocolates.

When buying the untempered bars, you are agreeing to buy an imperfect product. Nothing wrong with the taste and strength, but they have imperfections in the aesthetics and texture. That is why they are half price.
$14.00 BTC0.0015 Milk Chocolate 100 mg
$62.00 BTC0.0064 Milk Chocolate x 5 100mg bars 500 mg
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Tip jar. Please use this if you're short on your payment, for example, if your payment has only been partially paid or you miss out any postage.
$5.00 BTC0.0006 5 dollah
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$78.00 BTC0.008 As discussed 1 unit
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10/10 Distilate Carts
rated today took 1 day to arrive
10/10 Distilate Carts
rated 1 day ago   took 1 day to arrive
10/10 Distilate Carts
rated 1 day ago   took 1 day to arrive
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