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10/10 Custom order
Decent stuff, wish it smelt more but cant complain for the price! I prefer the Jack Herer over Triple Cheese.
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10/10 Jack Herer
Lovely smoke, well cured bud and super speedy stealthy delivery!
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10/10 Blue Dream
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Deaths connected to vaping thc???
I got told 5 people in the states have died vaping thc?? Can anyone tell me if this is true or just media crap??
People have been vaping THC long before the invention of vape cartridges and no deaths have been reported to be directly linked in all those years. The common similarity between all cases recently is an additive - Vitamin E Acetate. This additive is used as a cheap cutting agent and thickener in order to resemble the stronger, high quality oil we like to see. I wouldn't be surprised if many resellers honestly thought they had the real thing without testing.
That’s crazy shit to be adding... this is what scares me at the moment, the good brands are being copied and it can be hard to tell the difference. I was buying brass knuckle (on the street, not on LB) which was giving me a strange headache... when I did some research... they were fake carts! Think rolling a joint is still the best way to smoke :)
Laughing Grass
Laughing Grass
tbh it looks like most off the problems are coming from people buying the easily available packing of ebay or some where like that and filling carts with pretty much what ever they want to save a few quid then selling them on as branded carts, i think there are very few genuine carts in the uk right now or anywhere else for that matter... be carefully guys remember you can always get things tested to be sure -
I would bet my life this has nothing to do with thc vaping

God rest there souls.

This is 100%cause of cheap juice from petrol station. An more then that is a way to attach the vaping community. By manning it by saying it's to do with vapes.

We dont know how these people lived they lives. Not judging but think about it.

Yh vape had something to do with it but if u smoke cheap stuff and oils that have no place in vapes or new stuff added and these people became the victims..

Mark my words in few months or even a ye. It will come out that these innocent people died of other causes.

Because lies fly, someone will crack and speak up. .

Sorry for the rant but this kinda blame game is a just to put people off as I'm guessing fags dont sell as much.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this..

P.s if you going to vape.. vape the good stuff. Not no hill billy mix.

Blessing my people

I hear your concerns about vaping thc and or any other carts and there have been a number of other topics of a similar nature of people being concerned about fake carts etc.

However, in my short time here I can honestly say that the powers that be who monitor and operate LB for us do with one clear mandate, nothing on here will be sold that will harm you or others.

Yes, cannabis isn't for everyone, yes thc carts are new and we don't have the full figures relating to how possibly they could potentially be harmful for a small percentage of people. Yes, people have died, who had smoked cannabis vapes but there are other mitigating circumstances that could have or were the cause of death.

I could post a link to several investigative journalists who have carried out some research into the deaths that point to other factors that lead to these deaths but then I can also provide a link where people have argued that these people died because they vaped thc.

So, its down to each individual what they choose to believe but I have faith in the entity of the LB watchers and vendors.
Hey Pablo
No, this was not the thc that was the culprit. It was another oil that was part of the suspension namely Vitamin E oil which some companies used. It caused an inflammatory response in the lungs tissue as it has proven to be caustic. One of the cases then went on to develop a rare form of pneumonia due to the constant inflammation caused by the substance leading to large pockets of debris left over from the bodies response. Hope that helps
Ya that's exactly the case barbell. I mean you can go on amaz-on and buy Mario cart packaging then put your own stuff in and sell them as Mario carts and God only knows what other packaging you can buy.
It is a worry, I have collected a few carts on lb, mario/exotic so called real brands, have them here in front of me, already had 1 of the Mario carts a few weeks ago and I must say I'm a little concerned and will not vape the others, going to wait at least 1 more month to be certain I'm in the clear, even bought an oximeter to keep a check on my oxygen in blood, but then I am a little OCD, gonna stick to flower and edibles from now on
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