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Ms patient
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Ms patient
Uk to Ireland seizure rates
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You think you will be back this week?
Anyone know if they are back soon?
But of a anxious wait in fairness but i would take it at face value and they are sorting out packaging + 2 more
Some actual decent weed
Bonnevilles weed is 10/10 very sticky and tasty. I’ve bought off most of the venders on here and bonnevilles weed is the best followed by smoggyman fo…
Why the large price increase
started topic + 5 more
Good documentaries recommendations?
Anything from Adam Curtis is solid gold
Bonneville Membership ??
I would sign up
Handmade hash dropping over the next week or so
Me too, I check most days to order asap cause this sort of quality is gone in a flash
Organic Weed UK
Wait until Bonneville is restocked.
Record Fees?!
Just payed 48 euro in fees for two transactions on here. It really is too steep
Bitcoin confirmed sent but order marked as unpaid
started topic + 3 more
Stocking up hash
If you can give a decent discount to offset the risk of ordering from the Middle East I’ll give you a try
Multiple strains dropped 19/10
Yea he ticks all the boxes I don’t mind paying the prices for this quality it’s on par with cali and goes a long way
Shipping to Ireland
Any update on this