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Our lovely premium hash is bound to Rick Simpson Oil, then sprinkled with magic Kief dust.

This makes for a very, very potent potion and we recommend you stay away from brooms or any type of flight whatsoever.
$77.00 BTC0.0148 1 gram
$185.00 BTC0.0355 3 grams
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Throw away your wands students, these sticks are filled with a gram of top shelf Stardawg, then infused with a quarter gram of Shatter.

This would already knock out those linear thinkers at Grynffendor but we are Huffenpuff! So we sprinkle another quarter gram of beautiful Kief and wrap it in a particularly strong raw cone.

You need a lot of strong classmates to burn this down or stretch it out for the whole semester, the container is resealable.
$61.00 BTC0.0117 1 Stick
$102.00 BTC0.0196 2 Sticks
$127.00 BTC0.0244 3 sticks
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A sativa-dominant crossbreed of Platinum Champagne, a pure sativa, and Silver Haze, the sativa/indica ratio in Platinum Haze is 80:20, making this a great choice for clear-thinking cerebral energy and creativity. Spell binding.

The head high is largely euphoric, while the limited indica genes provide a pleasant body buzz that can help with insomnia. Platinum Haze is recommended for mental health issues, including mood disorders and anxiety. It may also help mugglesl with physical pain.

This strain has a strong, pungent flavor delivered by its Haze ancestry, and a haze aroma with touches of candy and fruit.

All this in a lovely soft hash, perfect for eating or smoking.
$65.00 BTC0.0125 3.5 grams
$110.00 BTC0.0211 7 grams
$196.00 BTC0.0376 14 grams
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Summon the great powers that await in the sky!

Stardawg, is named after the bright, sparkling crystal trichomes that blanket this cross between Chemdawg 4 and Tres Dawg.

Earthy pine with sour notes of diesel color Stardawg, whose uplifting effects help stress, fatigue, and anxiety.
$79.00 BTC0.0152 3.5 gram
$129.00 BTC0.0248 7 grams
$198.00 BTC0.038 14 grams
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10/10 Luna Lovegood's Moon Rocks
Really nice!! Super high head for me!! Would buy again for sure. Cheers HP. Stealth is great!! :)
rated 65 days ago   took 1 day to arrive
10/10 Zombie Sticks
These Zombie Sticks are ace!! Great stuff! Rapid arrival, overall excellent experience!! Cheers HP!! :) :) ✌️
rated 67 days ago   took 0 days to arrive
10/10 Stardawg
rated 123 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
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