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Reputation is what exactly?
Helps vendors realise your legit if there is any issues with delivery or whatever. If you a good purchase/review history and participate and enjoy littlebiggy for what is, a safe space in a minefield of for scams your more likely to be listened to.
Reputation can be divided into two sections really, one for the buyers and one for the sellers. The buyers usually gain ‘reputation’ from joining in on topics on the ‘topics’ board, as well as posting their own topics on a regular basis if wanted and whether they’ve had disputes or not and can be trusted and respected by certain vendors due to the amount of purchases they have made, whilst sellers are pretty much the same, however reputation is held up depending upon how well they deliver their product in terms of packaging and whether it’s the same product as they described. Hope this helps!
tenure, # of buys, # of disputes

sellers need to maintain a heathly number or folks won't trust them
buyers need to successfully complete a number of orders to prove they aren't trying to scam for free product

my record for example is over 100 buys, no disputes and 3 years. USA vendors know me well and, if legit, respond in kind

I can rec for saynotodrugs, 1st national disp, buds bunny, Anderson's, mustabuzz, tasty kush, ed's edibles

avoid Triforce-my first dispute, ordered 12 days ago and still waiting

good luck
It's also what you just did, posted as a village Elder. It seems like all the natural ways of rep remain
you're right. It took me a while to figure that out and I try to participate way more than I did my first year
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So what the fuck is this?
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