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AI So What. There will always be work.
im not so sure, anything a human does to recover the system seems doable with a very separate AI
on  {gaming}
Stoned gamers, show your rig / console
Isn't "Indiana" Jones a Girl's Name?
its a perfectly decentralized system
Love Death & Robots
all really well done and the perfect length
what if we let the boomers die?
Very thoughtful post (what a pleasure to read this instead of another sycophantic review), thank you for it my bigga. I'm going to differ on one po… + 2 more
Is Growing Outdoor Worth It?
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started topic
have you been stealing picnic baskets again
on  Mrbond20
modafinil? Ive never tried it, is it worth it and is there a good seller on LB?
Show Mr Bond to his room...
on  morgan18
Interest in Peptides?
whats the longevity pitch + 3 more
on  eddie73
Will swap Toilet Roll for Weed :-)
im thinking if people cant wipe their ass we are going to wind up with a new virus!
How solid is this site, should I keep backup contacts ?
Yes thats why they call it *stone* gnege
Who has the best weed? UK only
I try to pick from items with photo reviews but generally I have found it fucking good in most cases.
on  lart90
Can somebody please explain how this site works? There's no search and stuff....
It's like a fresh market, you gotta walk the aisles.
{lb help}
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Starting to sell on LB
There are many options physical cash is possible with atms and local traders in bigger cities worldwide. Bank deposits are available with exchanges an…
5 Reasons To Never Buy From a Seller on Messengers/Email
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