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Reagan Tells Soviet Jokes
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on  [music]
Most Timeless Artist?
Philip K Dick believed we were in a simulation
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The father of cannabis therapeutics is Irish
"hemp possesses, in small doses, an extraordinary power of stimulating the digestive organs, exciting the cerebral system, of acting also on the …
on  {gaming}
buying with btc on g2a?
It's also hard to see how there could be a mass scale of game code theft. Unlike credit cards there aren't millions of databases holding your details…
How the Custom Ringtone Industry Paved the Way for the App Store — and Then Vanished
I would still pay a bit for a cool ringtone whahappend
The Kingsman
out of fashion.
Paralysed man posts first ‘direct-thought’ tweet through brain chip
Insane in the brain
on  [drones]
Drone delivered defibrillator saves human
Just wait its a training exercise for the drone swat team.
God save the Queen
Seems God's been saving her for some time.