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Amazing looking weed
First time, feeling nervous
L.B History
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Have your say on our next hash addition to the menu, votes will lead to goodies ; )
The leb and the eggs would be my vote. But they al…
Is Growing Outdoor Worth It?
It’s all about what strain you pick, a good …
How do you celebrate 4/20?
I shall be climbing my local mountain range, takes…
Happy 420 Biggers
Happy 420 everyone and big thank you to all our ve…
I used to think that till I was flush one weekend …
Finest weed on LB
Top Vendor, Amazing range of products and pleasure…
Lebanese (Gold) - Soft Blonde Hash
Have to agree here, have ordered my second lot of …
Noob Here Just Signed Up Looking Bitcoin Advice
Yeah def looks daunting at first but so simple onc… + 3 more
New flower's
Brilliant, have only had your import jars and wond…
New - The Dragon Pre-Roll - RED & GREEN
Nice dude, the red sounds cracking, may sample one…
{buy help}
Tips for noobs?
Felt exactly the same at first and bitcoin sounded…
Nice new menu man :)
Yeah def top vendor, tried almost all the stock an…
SCROG one plant
Def worth the extra effort and time, I used to do … + 2 more
What is the fastest edible?
No smoke just water vapour very little carcinogen … + 2 more
Any interest in cheaper commercial hash (pictures below)
Just got some , def feeling toastie, heavy eyelids… + 4 more
FLASH SALE - MONDAY 18th February (Happy Mondays)
When’s the sale start dude, can’t beli… + 2 more
Pure or with tobacco?
Vapes, pipes and bong for me mostly but when I do …
Vape carts
Standard 510 threads on most, of your in u.k B&…
Inside the greenhouse
Nice dude. Miss the growers life so much, was acti…
Bitcoin fees
I personally use blockchain, just bought £25…
{buy help}
Partially paid order
Happened to me also but I had sent wrong amount ,I…
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