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Disney Paris
Bit off topic but I’m heading to Disney Paris next week, any tips for a newbie.whats best rides, areas. Common problems or mistakes people make. Where can I smoke in the complex if staying on site, can I vape.
Lots of places if you are staying on site, the areas between the hotels and restaurants is pretty open and not crowded and a real nice joint stroll after a day in the Magic Kingdom.
sam love
sam love
Yes you can get away with vaping of course. Edibles are a great idea (we could still use more edibles lb vendors!) too. There are smoking areas but it's Gitanes not Ganj. Don't try or you will get kicked out like me :)

Have a great time :)
Only meant rollies and cigs, not gonna try blazin up round the park. Been watching loads vids and don’t think I could handle it stoned anyway, looks mental.Have a contact in Provins about an hour away gonna take a day trip myself for a smoke. I’d heard they had did away with the smoking areas in the park. Missus is panicking she smokes like a train and doesn’t want to have to leave park every time she wants a nicotine hit. Can’t wait, more excited than the kids.
I second that, vaping and edibles you’ll be fine with, but I wouldn’t risk smoking a joint, just wait until after or have one before if you can. Not worth going Disney just to get sent back home again for some ganja. Never went Disneyland myself so not too sure about the rides and the best area’s, but hope you have a good time mate, enjoy yourself out there!
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