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Providing Fitbits and other electronics.
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Brand New Fitbit Ionic with 12 Months Warranty

I send all orders with tracking so customers can feel assured of when there Ionic is on route to the delivery address. 3-7 Business day delivery

This is the Ionic pebble only - No Box - No Charger - No Wristband

Charger and Wristband can be bought very cheaply separately for under £10

I also sell

Fitbit Charge 2
Fitbit Blaze
Fitbit Altar HR
Fitbit Versa Less
$70.50 BTC0.0061 Charcoal/Silver
generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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Many thanks to a legend!
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Thank you so much brother your a legend!
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Anyone recommend fast delivery vendor
Pope Of Dope - NDD excellent strains
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Noob experience on LB, vendor recommendation.
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