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Britains Bud Bargains
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Now delivering to Europe and Ireland!
Definitely interested, the next day tracked is my …
Thank you for being a great community
Ill second that!
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Frosty ;)
Would love to partake in a true clone only uk ched… + 2 more
New (CALI) Animal Cookies from California
Purple Baby
Ye, the buds are lovely, still have some ive yet t…
Big Announcement
Thank Gods Connect for that! That Gelato looks swe… + 2 more
Herb Storage
UV proof tightvac or kush like pop top pots. With …
LB Wall Visibility
Ye, ive noticed this too. You can make a basic con…
Best sift I've had so far
Hey RD Did you ever have RB’s Scorpion Criti…
How can I get my 1st sales?
Ye, your page is restricted access + 2 more
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Think this is one…
on  Hashish69
Quality hash Indian sellers
Gods Connect has some mate. The daily puff too if …
Looking for Uk vendors that can get African bush weed Malawi/Congolese etc
Had the the thai and the sess. Wasn’t overly… + 2 more
Deaths connected to vaping thc???
Hey Pablo No, this was not the thc that was the cu…
Sour Diesel UK
This is delicious, i have reviewed. Many thanks + 3 more
World without flowers
To loose the beauty and uniqueness of a well cured…
Order not received
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on  Mr_D08
Rif hash
It is beautiful! Loved mine. Master craftsmen at w…
doctor doc
Suddenly can't tolerate sugar this is scary
Is this open to comment/opinion?
Favourite thing to eat when really high??
Haribo tangtastics Most jelly sweats Cereal with f…