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on  {science}
what are the effects of masks on a society?
I’ll throw my hat in and say the primary effect has been mass mental illness: “I just stare at that little box with my face in it and pick apart my a…
on  {bitcoin}
bitcoin fee's
I can understand why its BTC only - pretty much all the ‘real’ cash money (NOT USDT) still flows in and out of bitcoin almost exclusively. That being …
We need to get back to the landraces
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on  {nations}
is the coronavirus bio warfare? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence...
on  {bitcoin}
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Advice on bitcoin wallets
Absolutely Never use exchange wallets for transactions! They are not ‘real’ wallets that you own, they are ‘hot wallets’ belonging to the exchange. Ge…
Dry herb vape?
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Royal mail delays
I guess we shouldn’t be too hard on them then... thanks for the great info!
on  {bitcoin}
Why BTC when you have STABLECOINS
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on  carverr
Vaping Hash.
People have been “vaping” hash using HOT KNIVES for decades ;)
on  winston
CBD got me stoned. Confused
I got some CBD flower off here recently. It gives me insatiable munchies but doesn’t really get me ‘high’. Possibly you just picked up a load of resid…
on  adlhut
Why don't vendors used tracked services?
The tracking reveals which post office items come from and when to all and sundry. You’re also establishing a comprehensive digital paper trail. The h…