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Hufflepuff Zombie Kush Bubble Hash
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Mac 1 x Oreoz x Disco Biscuits
Thank god he's back eh lol no sub standard overpriced weed here. If only other vendors were as genuine
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
What to do when vendor ignores messages
Radar is sound, I've had countless packages off him and he does reply, sometimes a delay but he will. If thats the link from his item you will be ok. …
RBs best Disco Biscuit yet
Yeah its pretty reliable this Disco as is Radar in general! Without you and smoggy I wouldn't spend my coin on this site tbh
Original Exodus stinky Cheeeeeese now available
When you say original, wheres it from? The original cut with serated leaf edges died out years ago unfortunately, was a magical plant I miss dearly + 2 more
Ice cream cake
Ah why you have to say that, got me on the fence now i wanted some lol loved the disco and love a good Ice cream, had a nice creamy slightly gassy one… + 4 more
Was this grown from clone or seed?
Oh yes, sent to ipiraka who messaged me asking if he could have it rather than go in the bin. Message him and ask, ill wait lol Thats not a bad point … + 4 more
Introducing WOWWW Factor Sour Sop
If you replied this swiftly throughout the mishaps we wouldn't be here in this conversation ironically but thats all I will say now. At least you trie… + 7 more
Nice people doing nice things
on  paddy420
Drugs Inc UK, solid and dependable vendor.
These guys are number one for me. Had multiple orders turn up next day or 48h everytime. Stealth perfect and lovely hashes. Rate these guys with the P…
on  Cmj14
Hash...which one?!
Radar breeder has been my go to for hash. As good as any on here just without the REDICULOUS prices of Greenteam who sell for 65 per 3.5 and with next…
Smell my (Exodus) CHEEEEEESE
What breeder are the seed The real exo cut is gone unfortunately but always hoping for a decent cheese as these days it rarely happens
Yean I can vouch for the quality from hoot. Pisses over 99 percent of whats been on/ is on here by a mile. Clean and full of flavour most buys have be…
on  carverr
Hootan - Kush Mints
How does it taste though mate? Looks and smells great, but the all important taste? Got a q on ze way
what do you guys want to see next?
Please find some nice grapefruit man!!! Cant relive that fruity goodness anywhere so j always ask! Ahhh one day maybe lol + 2 more