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Searching for that $50 deal !
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Ordered over a week ago
I’m in the same boat but RB has always replied after a day or 2, yes might be short but it’s when dealing with this volume it’s probably all’s that’s … + 2 more
Huge dissatisfaction and betrayal of Trust
Iv only had positive experiences with RB too
Loving your selection! Little packets of Joy, waiting to see the next ones that are coming through
Another load of strains!
Just ordering what would you recommend this time round ?
weed no show
I’m still waiting on a resolve from GC May 4th two went missing, hoping they stay true to there words. Will find out soon
I missed half your last menu, really gutted about the thin mint cookies! I would definitely hit buy to try everything before coming back for my favour…
Should I buy 7gs of bud or 14 of the shake?
Another man trash in another mans treasure, if you don’t like it grind it and add something nicer
on  Smee
Royal mail delays day #13
May the 4th it was posted but I understand it’s Royal Mail and have total faith in the seller, all they ask for is patience folks
Posting items
Stay safe to drugs inc think all the key workers will need you more than ever now :) Much love folks + 2 more
Thank you
I second this! Gods connect is a truly amazing seller
new strains and items arriving next couple days !
Jaffa glue pie sounds lush
drugs inc missing delivery????
Think the key with here is a bit of patience, they work allsorts of hrs but they always come through, only ever had one issue which was a mix up in or…
Disappointed Customer
Iv always found radar breeder to be very help in the event of non delivery, he had guidelines for a reason and he always follows them! Cheers TB
Excellent service
Totally second what this mans saying, always worth the wait with drugs inc