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I missed half your last menu, really gutted about …
Should I buy 7gs of bud or 14 of the shake?
Another man trash in another mans treasure, if you…
Do you communicate with customers
Did you have any luck with GC, I’m awaiting …
on  Smee
Royal mail delays day #13
May the 4th it was posted but I understand it&rsqu…
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Is it possible that sellers leave fake reviews?
Looks more like the Girl Scout cookies that’…
Anyone had anything from GC recently?
They spoil us with there selection, only ever had …
Posting items
Stay safe to drugs inc think all the key workers w… + 2 more
Sunset sherbet and cookies is what I’m waiti…
Thank you
I second this! Gods connect is a truly amazing sel…
new strains and items arriving next couple days !
Jaffa glue pie sounds lush
drugs inc missing delivery????
Think the key with here is a bit of patience, they…
Disappointed Customer
Iv always found radar breeder to be very help in t…