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Bitcoin grief
How much do you stick in a Spliff?
Your Bogy Weed
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Wow!…these oils couldn’t be more different! 😵‍💫
Sorry my mistake he's actually sold out of Lebanes but tbh Morrocan sounds more fun anyway, I could never do anything weed related before a flight onl… + 3 more
if you ordered shake past month please leave a kind review here. Weve been doing so well with loads of orders
I had 5 grams I 🤔 few weeks back, I can't actually remember much about it apart from it DEFINITELY wasn't poor quality cause I always remember that, …
Yall making the most potent eddibles and shit i know it! God Dang....
Some of mines going into my Xmas bottle of Wray and Nephew, I've been popping a bit of every single strain I've has since beginning of June in it must…
What's going on??
Damn right patience is the key, If someone on Ebay was moaning at me cause I hadnt posted a item 2 hours after payment they would politely be told to …
on  [music]
Worst song ever? And why... GO!
Anything by Elton John fucking hate the cunt and his music, my wife ruined my Xmas day few years back by telling me a gay singer i didnt like had died… + 2 more
The best edible in uk?
Best Weather girl ever lol, the blonde one on ITV weather seems to be permanently pregnant, she must have knocked out around 12 kids in the last 10 ye…
on  Nibbles
Best bargain bud 1/2 oz?
What's the Ice Cream cake like mate? Got a Q on the way
How to get Weed through U.K. airports
My "mate" told me if you're gonna post goodies back take your own envelopes, smell proof bags etc and always go into the Post Office to post…
Trimming (Funny? Story)
Your postage on the shake is coming up at $50.
{buy help}
Uk banks blocking bitcoin
Sign up for the online bank Revolut and do it through there, UK Banks are Nazi cunts telling us what we can and cant spend our own money on.
Next level space weed
Lovely weed never smoked a fruit strain that actually tastes so much like it. It just tastes of Ribena so much.