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Bitcoin grief
How much do you stick in a Spliff?
Your Bogy Weed
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Rare Nepalese Temple Hash Eggs πŸ‡³πŸ‡΅
I always see Minstrels when I look at pics like this, remember smoking these my first visit to Amsterdam in 96 then having a whitie and collapsing out…
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Longest time you had to wait for something to arrive ?
Last April I had a pack of Rizlas come from Ebay was bit confused as hadn't ordered any then looking at the postmark they had actually been posted Jun…
Ode to weed Competition
When you're gone It's hard to sleep But a half of Dankberry I've decided to keep. I UMMED and aaahed but finally chosen. Some flavoursome Cherry weed…
Apex Cherry report
Umme was amazing stuff tasted like old fashioned Ribena, I think my fave strain of the year is Hyperglue, loved that stuff I'm just waiting now to see…
It's almost time....
Lovely stuff saved my special glass jar for the occasion.
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Uk banks blocking bitcoin
Sign up for the online bank Revolut and do it through there, UK Banks are Nazi cunts telling us what we can and cant spend our own money on.
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