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Your Bogy Weed
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Expensive buds )
Northern Lights is prob my fave strain ever and I …
Its lovely stuff very impressed id say its one of … + 3 more
on  rollslife
Homemade Edibles
That shit is brutal I sat in bed on Xmas eve morni… + 2 more
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Royal Mail debacle
Im not on about selling Weed on Ebay lol + 2 more
Good coffeeshops in Amsterdam
Batman, Silver Bubble and Lemon Tangie are really … + 3 more
Slow delivery
Sgt Bob Cryers nose used to scare me as a kid, Reg…
Hash drought
Before I found this place I had probably 1 lot of …
Im waiting on some G13 one of my fave strains ever…
New seller
Hello I tried that stuff before but was that fucke…
Hanging Xmas chocolates
Couldn't hang them on my Tree the Cats would nick …
Best Edibles on here uk?
I second this his Chocolate bars are great same as…
Ive ordered 2 of these saving them for Xmas Eve to…
I agree I think Rogue One was the best out of the … + 6 more
Excellent BOB MARLEY Pollen
Its the first hash ive tried on here im looking fo… + 2 more
Ounces of nice bud not vacuum packed flat
Yes NDWUK are great never ordered anything off the… + 2 more