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Looking for 7g+ shatter, wax etc weekly ongoing
Whistles the tune to Stan by Eminem.
Lol there worth a fortune now I saw one on that Cu… + 2 more
New Seller
Exactly he doesn't even buy weed from here anyway,… + 2 more
Arthritis and recommendations?
No mate they did fuck all. + 3 more
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Royal Mail debacle
Im not on about selling Weed on Ebay lol + 2 more
Kosher Dawg Review
Im just about to test it now, I also had Gorilla G… + 2 more
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Packaging and stealth
Too right theres always one cunt. + 2 more
Competition! Who likes Weed?
That's a class idea.
Its lovely stuff very impressed id say its one of … + 3 more
Free post?
Don't blame you one bit like you say youre taking …
Expensive buds )
Northern Lights is prob my fave strain ever and I …
on  rollslife
Homemade Edibles
That shit is brutal I sat in bed on Xmas eve morni… + 2 more