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Latest to have a smoke before it's a waste haha
by  danp105
Thc carts, unopened how long can you store them
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Who's your 1# vendor to use?
RB, MJ concentrates, pope, drugs inc top 4 haha
Vendors who smash the hash
Noted, must try Bazza lol
Caramel Hash
Bigbudder I myself am mixing cbd flower with mj, n… + 2 more
More pics
Making me jealous haha, just got some caramel fr… + 2 more
on  mrspock89
The best hash?
You just read my mind lol
Best vape for shatter or herb?
I have the spirit which is a bit cheaper but has a…
Deaths connected to vaping thc???
It is a worry, I have collected a few carts on lb,…
New to shatter- what a mess!
Only had shatter once, tried to make edible chocol…
DIY Vape Cart Test?
I hear what your saying, and agree and disagree wi… + 2 more
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THC vapes and lung illnesses
The truth is a hit from a joint can't be beat, but… + 2 more