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Hi there. Welcome to the MedManUK Store. Here at MMUK we have access to extremely high quality uk grown and import strains. Our aim is to be the best service around and at the best price too. We will only have 1 or 2 strains available at a time at first until we build up a customer base and also our funds to be able to get more stock. All orders will be shipped via royal mail 1st class in top quality stealth packaging. I will be adding more to this profile as i think of what to add so keep an eye out. Any questions please get in touch were always happy to help. Thanks MMUK.
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DNA Genetics Kosher Dawg. This is a cross of stardawg and kosher kush (as if you cant tell from the name :-) Tastes great, id say stardawg is the dominant taste with kushy undertones and that classic couch lock kush high. An awsome bed time smoke but still great for during the day so long as you dont over do it.
$14.98 BTC0.0015 Kosher Dawg High Grade Flower 1 g
$46.12 BTC0.0045 Kosher Dawg High Grade Flower 3.5 g
$87.15 BTC0.0085 Kosher Dawg High Grade Flower 7 g
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10/10 Kosher Dawg 1g £12 3.5g £37 7g £70
Very nice.
rated today took 2 days to arrive
10/10 Kosher Dawg 1g £12 3.5g £37 7g £70
No complaints
rated today took 1 day to arrive
10/10 3.5g AAA grade stardawg. £37
Top gear amigo, StarDawg rocks!!!
rated 5 days ago   took 1 day to arrive
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