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Best weed movie?
Definetely the greatest of them all imo.
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Best vendor for Vapes
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Spoiling us again I see
Just had some of that hash tonight. Its excellent
How strong?
Took 1 square of the milk chocolate one this morning as per your advice. Lovely buzz and put a big smile on my face for the rest of the day so far. …
Lemon Sorbet Review - My first LB order
The best flower on here for me. Getting my 5th or 6th order later today. Be gutted when this runs out.
Anyone tried this yet?
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Very HIGH class bud!
I have to agree with this. Strongest weed I've had in ages of LB.
Review - THC Gummies
Tipjar - I made a mistake with my postage and was wondering if anyone knew how to use the 'tip jar' to top up my payment to cover postage? Many thank…
Is this still available?
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Best Bitcoin provider for UK
I'm using coinomi and its has been very good so far. You can buy directly using your credit card or bank card. Hower the last transaction has been st…
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Partially paid order
Exactly what I have done but seller not replying at all :-(