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How strong?
Took 1 square of the milk chocolate one this morni…
Lemon Sorbet Review - My first LB order
The best flower on here for me. Getting my 5th or…
Oh fuck yeah! Definitely thinking about getting some of this
Just ordered this today cant wait. :-) + 3 more
Spoiling us again I see
Just had some of that hash tonight. Its excellent
Is this the same as the Fire OG
started topic
Anyone tried this yet?
started topic
Trying for sure :)
No way that will be shit. You can tell good weed …
Very HIGH class bud!
I have to agree with this. Strongest weed I've had…
Best weed movie?
Definetely the greatest of them all imo.
THC gummies review!
I normally smoke about 4 to 5g a week. Too much I … + 2 more
Review - THC Gummies
Tipjar - I made a mistake with my postage and was …
Is this still available?
started topic + 2 more
Has anyone had any of this yet? I'm eager to see reviews.
It was lovely. Really nice smoke + 2 more
Best Bitcoin provider for UK
I'm using coinomi and its has been very good so fa…
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
How do you rate?
started topic
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Should I go ahead and order if seller hasn't replied to message?
Thanks. It's all sorted vendor got back to me. + 2 more
{buy help}
Partially paid order
Exactly what I have done but seller not replying a…
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