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Rif hash
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Best weed movie?
This is my favourite
Any Gamers on LB?
I play apex and gears 5 but I’m waiting for border lands to come out.
Anyone tried this yet?
I'd look at pay 150 at most for quality like this no even street level tbh
Best/Most potent weed on little biggy UK sellers?
I highly recommend try gg I remember I first got it I was in a rush so didn’t even look but the began to smell this dank pungent smell had me excite b… + 2 more
on  theP
Gun Control Is Over - Worldwide
It’s depend on what one I know there a single fire pistol only shoots one bullet and there’s the ghost gun which you still need to be able to purchase…
Herb Storage
Nice candle jar works great clean it out put you herb in it and your good to rock haha
White cookies
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on  Kh1989
I would dispute if I had a lack of communication mainly just based off his sales, unless hes willing to resolve the issue. Given he’s new his communi…
Rif hash is the best hash
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