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Hi welcome to my swamp! Here in the land of far far away, im the GREEN ogre. Me, Fiona, donkey, puss in boots deliver weed UK wide. We offer some of the best and affordable swamp herb around. 

Wether you are looking for a bag of stinky, crystally swamp weed or some eye ball stew (Edibles) we have every thing you need to visit fairy land.

Donkey and dragon fly your swamp weed from far far away to your doorstep with FREE 1st class UK Weed delivery (1-4days).

Puss in boots is head of security, responsible for packaging, he ensures that your cannabis products are packaged stealthily and discreetly. So that you don't feel like lord Farquad (left short).

All our edibles are made using only high quality marijuana concentrates and magical ingredients, ensuring a mouth watering treat(even for ogres). 

Our first rate communication makes sure that even the 3 blind mice know where the ball is. Begin your adventure today and let Shrekage29 deliver cannabis across UK and take you to your own fairy tale!

Note:we give our dragon a rest over the weekend (so her and donkey get some quality time) all orders processed monday. In the rare chance of misplaced packages, we will send reship on case by case.(dragon gets told don't eat packages) Should you have any issues please contact our team!

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5/10 Jelly bears - 25 mg Thc each - 5 per pack
rated 168 days ago   took 5 days to arrive
10/10 10 x Psilocybe Cubensis 300mg capsules
rated 170 days ago   took 3 days to arrive
10/10 10 x Psilocybe Cubensis 300mg capsules
rated 176 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
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