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I like talking about weed.
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2019 - Reviews, thanks and praises. 6 months on LB (2hr special)
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Review of jj5637901's Kosher Dawg
Nice review, I feel the same about it. One of the …
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What is your smoking song?
I found this live version, genius drumming btw! + 8 more
Flushing Cannabis - is it bro science ?
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Kosher Dawg _ impressed
Nice review and nice photos, I see you got element…
Review - StarDawg - JJ
Hey, welcome and cool review. Hope you post some m…
Kosher Dawg - review
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Could i ask customers who bought from me search for my products
Unfortunately not, I have looked in the past but t… + 2 more
Hello World
Welcome, you’re in the right place.
Buyer beware of new vendors
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