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I like talking about weed.
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2019 - Reviews, thanks and praises. 6 months on LB (2hr special)
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Star Dawg Import grade A+ - Review (Radar Breeder)
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Super Zero ‘00’ Zero Valley Hash - Review
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00 - Blows my mind
Nice, got some on the way. Looking forward to this…
Roach vs Filter. What you using?
Oh yeah, it’s the way forward. These element… + 2 more
on  ganjaman
Hey, welcome! Hope you find everything a ganjaman …
on  [music]
The bizarre world of Frank Zappa
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Dire Straits
Classic, my uncle had this on repeat in his car fo…
Buyer beware of new vendors
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Digby Dibber from Channel 4’s Pot Night
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Sorry but the importance of escrow
Sorry to hear that Bazza, I was wondering when you…
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Stoner Rock / Psychedelic / Progressive
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Top stoner tunr
Nice tunr :)
Cool, nice one. That does sound like a plan. Ther… + 2 more
Review - StarDawg - JJ
Hey, welcome and cool review. Hope you post some m…
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Review of THEGREENTEAM's G13 Haze
Oh yeah man that whole back story is so cool, appa…