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share defnote and generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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if we are living in a simulation of a simulation
ill only upvote once but this does bear repeating :)
{buy help}
Never accept partial refunds or reships
yes its better than amazon with a lot more respect for every party. sellers have lots of orders to make the averages work out, buyers do not. sellers…
Alan Watts on Money
Awesome, he actually comes up with what we call Basic Income now and sees the information revolution ahead.
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List of countries by income equality
communism flattened out incomes and this generation gets the best of both worlds
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what are the effects of masks on a society?
we now interrupt this conspiracy thread for an actual fact. thanks bigga
Anyone else awake and lonely?
this bigga
in all of history who would you most like to get stoned with?
i would love to show bob the strains we have today ;)
Vaccines potentially a threat to life?
huh, im thinking peanut