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Just a freak who fills his week with much love for the bud
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What’s happened to the the pope of dope
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Changa is music to my ears buddy It’s beauti… + 2 more
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Radar Breeder & Royal Mail.
I had a the same thing happen to me buddy an RB re…
Space monkey med Tins
I found the same thing while researching they shou…
New item, one time only.
Would looooove to see thirst reaper work your magi…
Hello and welcome brother I for sure will be willi…
Help needed
I’ve used a few different dispensaries in Sp…
UK Stoners ???? Liquid Karma?
Yea buddy I’d been keen to try some
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4-Aco-DMT Did I experience Ego death?
I would strongly advice to milk them my friend. On…
We will be making a dramatic comeback very soon...
I’ve been checking daily to see if you have …
Pope of dope vanished on my page ??
Can anybody tell me if I’m still eligible fo…
Airport security
I always put flower in my bag that’s going i…
Best Edibles on here uk?
MJ concentrates is the man for edibles! Gummies ar…
Let us know how we can improve! (free goodies on next order for implemented suggestions)
Great work on all the Cali bud guys!!! Wasn’…