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How long will shatter keep good in the freezer?
Apparently storing shatter in the freezer long ter…
on  epix
DynaVap + Rosin pressing lessons learned
I do love my Dynavaps, I just wish they had a slig…
on  carverr
Flower Vapes portable or desktop.
I tend to use the Mighty and Dynavap for most of m…
on  epix
Bullionaire vape cart review (real Cali cart)
I'm so pleased you wrote this review. I've literal…
How much does your weekly smoke cost?
I don't think I've ever counted really... I've usu… + 2 more
Shatter questions
I've had a couple of different live resins from ND…
Best vape for hash?
The dosing capsules are cheap, disposable containe… + 2 more
Ounces of nice bud not vacuum packed flat
Definitely worth a shot if you've not tried them. … + 2 more
Real malano cream
If it's not the real deal, it's pretty much as goo…
More pics
I jumped straight in and grabbed a pellet of this,…
little biggy theme song?
Favourite thing to eat when really high??
Chocolate mother-effing Hobnobs.
on  Mystic11
THC vapes and lung illnesses
Sorry, but there's a fair amount of misinformation…
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