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Ounces of nice bud not vacuum packed flat
Definitely worth a shot if you've not tried them. … + 2 more
Real malano cream
If it's not the real deal, it's pretty much as goo…
More pics
I wouldn't use any egg-shaped or pellet hash in yo… + 2 more
little biggy theme song?
Picture is from THC in the UK. Not of Girl scout cookies!!
I don't think it's a picture of either vendor's st…
Best vape for shatter or herb?
For shatter... Puffco Peak's my favourite, bit exp…
Favourite thing to eat when really high??
Chocolate mother-effing Hobnobs.
on  Mystic11
THC vapes and lung illnesses
Indeed, I appreciate why vaping's viewed with susp… + 2 more
bigg now