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Where's the new high grade vendor gone?
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Anyone remember purple brick weed?
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Tiny Might vaporizer
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slate hash
The thin slate format is traditional for Turkish hash... Not sure if that's what was banging around in the 90s. Slate struck me as being on par with …
master tokers? how do you pick your strain on any given day?
If a batch is new to the collection, novelty wins the day and I'll get the urge to sample that by itself first. From there, it just depends what I'm …
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what's the longest time youve spent in vr?
About 15 minutes. I only use it for porn : D + 2 more
Electric bike.... who has one?
I love mine... if you've got to cover distance/hills it makes life a lot easier. Currently, e-bikes in the UK are limited to 15.5 mph, after which the…
Does white ash really matter?
I think you're about right there... so it doesn't really matter, in and of itself. Something burning with white ash whilst leaving oil rings is almos…
Best festival weed?
Personally, I tend to opt for hash at music fests. A nice fresh, sativa-leaning Moroccan is ideal. Great vibes for music, indulgent tasting but discre…
I bought 2, so I'm not the droids you're looking for. However, very happy to give my view... They are absolutely banging. You've knocked it out the p…
Doob Reviews: Dankberry (Druid's Magic)
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Sticky Sativa
Probably best to work out how to handle moisture levels your end... there's always going to be variations on that front (even with well cured buds). …
little biggy theme song?