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Where's the new high grade vendor gone?
by  ilsenator
Anyone remember purple brick weed?
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Tiny Might vaporizer
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Steven Hawking Says We Have 100 Years Left
He's just jealous. But potentially correct. There's a great book called 'Our Final Century' by Martin Rees (a respected academic, not a conspiracist o…
little biggy theme song?
on  Wonka1972
Looking for strongest indica hash for depression please
Strong indica hash (or bud) isn't always going to the best treatment for depression (from my experience, anyway). Might even make it worse. I can see…
When will AI replace every job?
Don't worry about it, AI will figure it out for us. But the bottom line is, the corporations that are investing in AI still need to make their profit…
What Exactly Does 420 Symbolize?
420 degrees F is the maximum temperature at which you can vaporize THC. I appreciate the 4/20 tradition might have come before vaping facts became kno…
Tips For Smell-Proofing Your Stash?
I use small Mason jars (take about 7g each) kept inside a larger airtight tupperware container. I also have a few humidipaks in the larger container, …
Our products
I very much agree with that DI. Good people and good vibes here. So keep up the positivity... and don't play into the hands of potential saboteurs. P…
Puffco Peak
I've got a Peak and a Peak Pro... I actually prefer the original to the newer one, but probably just because I'm so used to it. I use a Peak daily, an…
reviewers if you want me to believe you're not shills
The rating/review system works out as a very vague guide on LB. You should be able to work out who will actually get you something in a reasonable tim…