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Where's the new high grade vendor gone?
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Anyone remember purple brick weed?
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Tiny Might vaporizer
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Cannabis legalisation UK
It's not a vote-winner in the UK, unfortunately. There's very little political motivation to legalise. Even though broad sentiment towards cannabis in…
What Exactly Does 420 Symbolize?
420 degrees F is the maximum temperature at which you can vaporize THC. I appreciate the 4/20 tradition might have come before vaping facts became kno…
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'High strength skunk cannabis' - is it a myth?
It's a media buzzword/phrase, but it's not a myth. It's the inevitable by-product of prohibition. Since the US stepped up its war on drugs, the old w…
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what's the longest time youve spent in vr?
About 15 minutes. I only use it for porn : D + 2 more
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Can you vape hash?
You need to be looking at full-melt bubblehash if you're trying to dab it, dry sift won't really work. You can vape hash though... just a bit fiddly. …
little biggy theme song?
When will AI replace every job?
Don't worry about it, AI will figure it out for us. But the bottom line is, the corporations that are investing in AI still need to make their profit…
Cali weed vs Dutch and Spanish weed... is it all clever marketing
There are good reasons why someone might choose Cali or Dutch over UK bud, but I think the rationale behind it has been somewhat drowned up by hype/fa…
Looking for Uk vendors that can get African bush weed Malawi/Congolese etc
I believe cannabis production for 'medicinal' ahem, purposes, has just been legalized in Malawi. This might well start cropping up in some form soon?