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ardent fx
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tails 4.14 and electrum 4.0.2
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bitcoin transfer help
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Friday Giveaway! / 2G AMNESIA HAZE
signals magic cloud
Beware the cookie.
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Sticky - what do I do with it?
i use an ez sia wax pen for shatter.... other people use dabbing rig... if you plan to eat it you need to decarb it first.... get it dabbed tho, that …
What's the best way to store bud - long term?
check out uv blocking stash jars online... buy one thats roughly the same size as the amount your storing... you get jars that will do for an 8th for …
Self medicating for depression / anxiety
i use a site called cbdhempweed, the pineapple express on that site is awesome... i have found that certain strains make me quite anxious and that is …
Dry herb vapers! Recommendations please
i bought a mighty, pricey but well worth every penny
Help needed for Mighty
The mighty is an awesome piece of kit m8. If your not enjoying the mighty you must have a faultly unit. One thing I would say is though that the mig…
Best way to store concentrates?
I use a masterdam stash jar (uv proof).... loads of different manufacturers doing these uv proof jars.... just get one thats about the same size as wh…
Very new to this....Indica
loads of different strains out there with different effects... check out search for the strain your thinking about buying and check out…
Wallet fees are crazy atm.... Any recommendations?
I was trying to make a purchase last night for 0.0025 (2 choc bars and delivery). I had 0.0032 in my electrum wallet and it was saying i didnt have e…
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Wallet Help
check out electrum, you can adjust a slider bar to give you the lowest fees when sending bitcoin
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