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Vaccine Ingredients.........
Well I’ve been vaccinated against polio, TB, tetanus, measles, mumps and rubella, rabies, hep B, Typhoid and probably some others I’ve forgotten. I …
Vaccines potentially a threat to life?
I’m just intrigued... how many of you either smoke cigarettes and/or mix your cannabis with tobacco? My point being that there is absolutely no doubt … + 6 more
on  mrsmith21
Good Hash
It’s interesting that everyone seems to rate Hashishin’s wares so highly. I’m not one to criticise vendors but while his customer service etc was amaz…
on  {rap}
Rank The Dead Rappers
Yeah. And anything that Puffy “produced” was made by someone else. Don’t get me wrong, puff daddy was a producer but only in the sense he brought the … + 3 more
That’s expensive !!
But even your eggs are far more expensive than other eggs being sold on here of roughly the same quality (micron size).
Apple fritter cart, Please read before buying!
Noted. I’ll chuck one in and let you know my thoughts.
I love how the first covid 19 vaccine recipient was a 90 year old woman about to turn 91 with nothing to lose. So imagin…
I love it when I go into a shop and the owner starts telling me about all their life opinions and their perception of reality... Thanks!
anonymous markets in times of crisis
Posts like these make me want to buy from vendors. Showing your humanity there mate. Couldn’t agree more!