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Apple fritter cart, Please read before buying!
Noted. I’ll chuck one in and let you know my…
Vaccine Ingredients.........
Well I’ve been vaccinated against polio, TB,…
Do we choose freedom or globalist tyranny? This is the moment of truth.
That depends on what your idea of an in humane dec… + 3 more
anonymous markets in times of crisis
Posts like these make me want to buy from vendors.…
251,000 deaths from medical error
This figure may well be true. However doctors and …
Whoop whoop!! I’ll drop you a message for a … + 2 more
Good info with the pin trick. Thanks guys!
Good to see you back!
started topic + 3 more
on  {rap}
American VS UK rap
Uk rap is rap, US rap is rap, rap is music, music …
I love how the first covid 19 vaccine recipient was a 90 year old woman about to turn 91 with nothing to lose. So imagin…
I love it when I go into a shop and the owner star…
What Is The Best Music Decade Ever?
The 70s... the experimentation that was going on p…
Best Rapper of the 2010s
There’s too many!
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Looking for Uk vendors that can get African bush weed Malawi/Congolese etc
And the Sess link - I suspect this is closest to w… + 3 more
on  Nutta
Bud Recommendations
Maybe a slight side note but are you aware of CBD …
This isn't right people !!!!!
I not sure I agree with the immediate call for ter…