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Just ordinary guy. Looking for good quality products. Looks like I found I was looking for.
joined aug 2019
generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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Dry herb vaporizer wispr 2
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Disappointed Customer
Hope still gonna send to me, recieved 5 orders to …
little biggy criticism thread
It sound like a good idea, would make it easier.
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
I've set up BitPanda and Coinhouse accounts but can't add money cause no passport or photo ID.
Hi, if you cant get those, maybe you wold be able …
use three words to describe little biggy
Miracle discreet club
Bulk Cartridges
I would say for me max 3 cartridges per order. Not…
How solid is this site, should I keep backup contacts ?
How does it work? Asking for refferal token
{lb help}
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Ordering without loogin in
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Best and most affordable cartridges here!
Looking forward to try some indicia carts.
New pollen looks real nice
It does look great. Hope you gonna review?
Is Royal Mail the preferred shipping method in the UK?
Royal mail worked always well for me when ordered.
Free Indica Cartridge Give Away!
Yes, Europe.Would be nice to try some of those.
Problems with buying from coinbase
They postponed it till 15th September. With debit …
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Coinbase deposit
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Leaving reviews
Hi, I am pretty new customer here 6 or 7 orders, l…