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Life extension and reversal of the Epigenetic Clock. Good or bad?
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on  spiceX1
Why privacy is important, and having "nothing to hide" is irrelevant.
Is there even such a thing as 'privacy' anymore, I think we may need a new word for what we have now..
on  horn7
Cart Sellers List All Ingredients Please
Great idea!
Best Edibles on here uk?
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Anyone ever had a car accident stoned?
I drive around the countryside for work and I'm high most of the day, never caused me a problem. Have crashed 3 times while sober though, but one of t…
We will be making a dramatic comeback very soon...
Cant wait! Hope it's in time for xmas!
So happy with my first order here I had to share some pics!
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Cheap as chips
I ordered some of this, which arrived this morning. For the price it's a bargain! Exactly as described, buds are a little soft, but taste and smokes g…
Placed an order that is not showing up in orders
Thanks, good to know. All sorted by the vendor now + 3 more
Buying bitcoin
I've used coin corner without any problems, not sure how fees compare with others though