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joined aug 2019
Are you new at LB? You are in the right place my friend!!!

Hi there, I am Rapha_Pint a new LB member since 9/19 and I am finally street-free.

I am here to be happy and in peace and everyone does their part and I will do mine.

I am a buyer and I will always be fare and honest, taste, effect, price quality and I will take pictures for my reviews, if there is no picture in my review means I haven't got and Item.

If I can be of any assistance I will be in LB mornings or night specially when I am looking for my next order.

Welcome to PeaceLand
and enjoy. Metal Hug
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Hello Brightest my old friend! X-)D
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use three words to describe little biggy
You got me. Relax in piece - RIP Happily ever after. Home sweet home. Sunshine at night. Just 3 words?!
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Is Radar Breeder O.K?
Every order in UK was fine except the one thar i tried to Portugal. I dont think it is venders fault if delivery services fail or if the order is coug…