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Vape cart issue?
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can the USA be fixed?
Hollywood. The American dreM. Clever marketing for…
Cannabis 'to be legalised in the UK' within five to ten years, say MPs
Long over due. Sadly I fear its very unlikely now …
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Postal Delays
My two orders arrived. Took 7 days tho all good. + 2 more
Magic mushroom trip levels - Read before tripping!
Hey recieved mines today thanks looking forward to…
How much flower is used to make 1 gram of cart oil/juice?
I am unsure. Ive tried a few. MJ concentrates THC …
{lb help}
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Thc vape pen
Hi im a thc vaper. All the cheap tobacco vape pens…
Good coffeeshops in Amsterdam
Some are more up market than others. Some have hig…
Indica vs Sativa is way more different than Red vs White Wine
Yes for sure. Many do not look at terpenes profile…
Ancient Aliens
The evidence has been left all around the world. F…
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Best cartridges
I took delivery of my first ditillate cart last ni…
MJConcentrates Carts
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