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Looking for Shrooms
Vape cart issue?
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can the USA be fixed?
Hollywood. The American dreM. Clever marketing for a past its date super power.
Ancient Aliens
The evidence has been left all around the world. For what ever reasons it is not taught in schools. Why is that? Hmmmm... Look at this for an example…
Good coffeeshops in Amsterdam
Some are more up market than others. Some have higher prices in the more tourist areas. I had the best sativa ever there. We were there again recently…
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This isn't right people !!!!!
I have a Kingpen Skywalker OG cart from Heisenberg. I add the oil is lovely smoke with great effect. I have not have any chemical scents. However I am…
Cannabis 'to be legalised in the UK' within five to ten years, say MPs
Long over due. Sadly I fear its very unlikely now in my humble opinion. Another Neoliberalist government has Just been voted in who will have vested i…
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Postal Delays
Im waiting on 2 orders from a specific vendor 1st class which is unusual. Everything else via Royal Mail is still arriving within 48 hours max of ship… + 2 more