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Third eye
This is a little bit out there. But does anyone know much about the Pineal gland and activating the third eye?

I'm not a spiritual person, but I have had the odd trippy high that really felt like I'd activated something and have been chasing that kind of high again
Hi, using drugs is just one way to open the third eye, but you can also do it naturally, also you can be born with it open, and it can just open by itself, and people don't know what is happening, however think carefully before trying to open it, it's closed for a reason, to protect us. People have gone crazy when it's opened suddenly, do alot of research. Start by searching 'symptoms of third eye opening' and see first if this is what you experienced. Also search 'dangers of opening third eye'.

Don't want to scare you off, just want you to be well informed and prepared, before you open it, I was not prepared and it was the worst experience of my life, it is to much for a human in physical form to handle. Those that say it's great, have not opened it, and don't understand it. But again do your research.

Spirituality is not all roses and sunshine like the new age people want you to think, true awakening can turn your world upside down, because true awakening, shows you the ugly truth about yourself and your life, and other people. It's not fun, and it's lonely. Also you do not need to open the third eye to become enlightened and 'woke'. Opening the third eye without knowing how to close it again is dangerous, because other energies, good or bad, can enter you if you open the third eye and leave it open.
topics by Richy781
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