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Cheapest test of weed buying on little biggy?
Hey man welcome :) Of course, i think if you put o…
Sobriety report
Hey GiggleCheeks Appreciate your perspective on t… + 2 more
Has anybody ever used a reshiper?
started topic + 2 more
Multiple shatter mega high
Thank you very much for the info, i shall be putti… + 3 more
on  cnrb
Recommendations on Edibles?
Its cool man good to have you here, found biggy my… + 3 more
Guess where I’ve ended up
Hope you are okay bud, need anything give a shout …
Second that, wow!
Christmas deadlines?
Its cool man hope your stuff gets to you okay :) + 2 more
on  Hashish69
Postage options
Yes sometimes i would rather it be popped through …
on  eddie73
Royal Mail Delays
Yes i think a lot of us are having this problem an… + 2 more
Fake reviews
Post is very slow at the minute dude, your product…
Which weed strain has the highest thc content?
I think Pope of dopes Jungle Cake has the highest …
Shop closed from 28th October - 11th November
Hahaha ;)
Thank you man thats my plan. Probably order a big … + 4 more
Very sexy looking!
Im going to order some aswell cant resist either a… + 3 more
Slow post at the moment?
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Fake reviews
This site is 100% legit i assure you. All my order…
Decent smoke
Yes of course the stealth is second to none and i … + 6 more
on  hairy
Is this guy still active?
I would dispute it now to be honest, that is a lon…
on  fruman
First Class V Recorded delivery and Sneaky Postmen
Im sorry thats happened to you, that would cause m…
Ahhh okay good to know, thank you man :) Always wo… + 5 more