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New vendor alert UK
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Homemade Edibles
I sometimes make my own brownies/cakes from cheapi…
British Bulldog - Staying Clear
Thats a rather mild way of putting it. I would say… + 2 more
LB Wall Visibility
I seem to be having this problem aswell, i thought…
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looking for psychedelics
Of course dude, its a shame about that, i dont thi… + 3 more
I know some sellers used to occasionally sell toba…
Best Edibles on here uk?
I ordered a batch of Radar Breeders cake for my gi…
New Vendor
started topic
To be fair Radars looks like the best example of i… + 3 more
Looking for Uk vendors that can get African bush weed Malawi/Congolese etc
started topic + 4 more
{lb help}
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Should I be worried?
Dont worry the order will be dispatched, little bi…
More pics
Wish it could be bought in smaller quantities, a l…
{lb help}
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Royal Mail debacle
Apparently there is Canadian one similar to this s…
Was wondering this myself :)
Future strains
Agree with this 100%. Im all in on that, Purple ha… + 2 more