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Dedicated wax/shatter/crumble etc. Vape recommendations
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bitcoin quick thoughts
Agreed. Also want to have a look at the relationship between tether and bitcoin. Shady as fuck and if tether goes under then the arse will well and tr…
iron jizz
on  iron jizz
What is the best Science Fiction Anime Series?
Steins gate is class. Time travel sci fi. Bit of a slow burner but get past the first two episodes it’s quality on Netflix as well. + 6 more
Gentleman Dealers
Sorry to hear that mate. Must admit I’ve been tempted. If you don’t mind me asking what makes you think they were fake (thought they had the cannverif…
on  {bitcoin}
which are the top 5 crypto exchanges?
Ones I use the most are bittrex, Binance And Coinbase. Also worth doing some research on uniswap (decentralised exchange).
Losing hope
Yeah over a week now (6/Jan). Could be omicron I guess…
Have I missed the boat?
Timing the market is hard. When btc was 36k I took 25% out expecting a pull back then again at 44k and it just hasn’t happened yet. Lots of people are…
MycoMattic update
Hello mate, I swear I check lb every night waiting for the reup but looks like I keep on missing it?! When can I catch them again? Date: 4/6
on  {gaming}
occulus quest2?
Think the technology is awesome and some of the games coming out look class. Only issue I have is with Facebook. Stories like this make me think twice…
The Gentlemen Dealers should NOT sell Jungle Boys packs! EVER!
Received my jungle boys pack this morning. Verified on cannverify. Bud smells fucking unreal and can’t wait to inhale this :) + 2 more
on  Smarty1
Please read, advice needed.
I’ve had a couple experiences with edibles where I have felt a hangover effect for a day or 2 after. By hang over I mean just a bit mentally groggy an…
WHEN to buy bitcoin
When you see an asset pumping the way bitcoin is at the moment it’s always tempting to jump on board. Trick is to never buy the top. Bitcoin is very c…
Dry herb vapers! Recommendations please
Been using an Arizer solo 2 for 6 months and think it’s the nuts. Battery life lasts long. Fully adjustable temp settings and just easy to use.
Lord of the Doinka Bars
Nooice! Nice review, sounds like you had a wicked trip. My tolerance ain’t up there so before things get mildly psychedelic my brain just goes “right …
great service!
Agreed, got some banging kosher kush. Reliable vendor!
on  hoqwer
Best vendors Dec 2020
Urban Leaf Company are the nuts. Super quick delivery (usually 1-2 days), friendly coms, regular updates and varied menu. Quality of flower is class, …
on  147king
Jungle Boyz
When I first got on lb there was a vendor (pope of dope) selling jungle cake. To this day still the best high I have had. Highly recommend if you can … + 2 more