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Dedicated wax/shatter/crumble etc. Vape recommendations
As the title suggests I’m looking for a dedicated vape specific for wax and other concentrates. Thought I’d throw it out to the bigga hive mind for some information and recommendations? Cheers
Puffco Plus but handle it with kid gloves as it’s pretty fragile and you can use the 510 for carts too.
puffco peak my man! cant go wrong
Ooh fuck that’s tempting.. little bit out of my price range though. Have you ever had issues with fragile parts of the Puffco? Read some reviews saying the coils are very easy to break (especially for something close to £300).

Oh yeah loving the sapphire scout by the way ;)
I've used my Puffco Peak everyday for well over a year... maybe two years? I don't really remember anything since I first bought it.

The Peak doesn't use coils, which is what makes it the best concentrate device (along with the Carta, and possibly others?)... it uses a ceramic (or quartz or silicone) bowl that you can dab into directly. It gets to the temps I want without fuss, it cools through the glass (I use it dry) and does the job perfectly. Quick swab with a Q tip and good to go.

You need to give the atomiser bit a clean every week or so, but it's fairly painless. If you let it build up, things do get very tricky to disassemble and can get pulled apart in the wrong places. But replacement atomiser sections are only 30 quid or so, and rebuildable parts are available even cheaper if it looks fixable.

So. Expensive, but worth every penny. I've bought maybe 2 or 3 fresh atomizers in the time I've had it, but given the use it gets, no problem.

Carta's a good alternative along the same lines. Not that much cheaper though.

I've not found a decent pen style vape (not a fan of the Puffco Pro). But the Saionara/Sai is great on an ecig/mod, and much much cheaper than the above. Otherwise just get a cheap glass rig and torch, it's still vaping, sort of ;)
I have a cheap 30 quid atmos pen and dr.dabber 70 quid one, and they are pretty much the same shit. puffco plus is convenient as fuck cuz of wee spoon I like that shit. but again work same as 30quid one. linx stuff is alright as well. obv peak is amazing and pricey. at that price point also lok at Ditanium desktop vape it's a beast. lol i even made my own pen using rebuildable vape atomizer and it was not too bad tbh
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