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How to: Purchase Bitcoin anonymously, exchange currencies anonymously
Hello everyone,
I've seen a few topics so far asking how to obtain BTC without KYC. I thought I'd make a topic to show a few ways / methods of doing so:

AgoraDesk is a cryptocurrency exchange established in the British Virgin Islands.  People from several nations can trade their home currencies for Bitcoin or Monero at AgoraDesk (or call or put options for BTC or XMR).

Users are able to post advertisements where they state exchange rate and payment methods for buying or selling Bitcoin or Monero.  You respond to these ads and agree to a transaction with the poster. When the parties have transacted and the seller has confirmed payment to AgoraDesk, AgoraDesk releases the BTC or XMR from the escrow account and sends it to the buyer. This solution by AgoraDesk allows the exchange to safely escrow the cryptos of any user without taking control of it.

AgoraDesk resembles an online shop or Ebay in many aspects for cryptocurrency. Investors at the exchange place various "ads" in which they quote a price for a particular cryptocurrency. This advertisement may be for purchasing, selling, or either of those actions. You can accept the offer if you, as another buyer or seller, believe it to be good.

Hodl Hodl is a worldwide peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading platform that enables users to transact with one another directly. It does NOT retain user funds; instead, it locks them in multisig escrow. This cuts down on trade time and minimises the chance of Bitcoin assets theft.

HodlHodl is not subject to intricate compliance requirements because it does not keep any money (neither fiat nor bitcoin). This makes the trading platform KYC-free by enabling trades to take place directly between users' wallets without requiring users to reveal their identities.

In order to make online transactions as convenient as in-person transactions, cryptocurrency was developed.

Bitni.com was established to uphold the original principles of cryptocurrencies, with a heavy emphasis on privacy, efficiency, and use.

Users can exchange various cryptocurrencies for a flat rate of 1%.

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