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Weed for pain and relaxation
I dont know about strains etc, i dont smoke. I have lumbar spinal stenosis and neuropathy. I buy mj concentrates canna chocolate. One square and im pa…
dont order if not in uk..just got ganked
The reviews they get are real (probably most from uk). Ive used them for over a year, i get my order next day and never had one package missing. Im su…
Beware the cookie.
They are strong - but that’s a good thing mate, getting something of that quality for free. Awesome doesn’t describe it. Now I know I just cut mine in…
Some one out to get us?!
What he described is literally how i felt the first time i took a bong hit at a party when i was like 14 ?
Does anyone actually feel any medical benefits from smoking?
I have a severe spinal condition, used to need codeine, pregabalin and naproxen all day everyday. Now when i have edibles it gets rid of my neuropathy…
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Cannabis for arthritis/joint pain
Hi, I have severe osteoarthritis in both my hips and lumbar spinal stenosis, I can honestly tell you thc works miracles. I’ve been buying the canna c…
First time vaper learns a valuable lesson
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That last cookie was definitely stronger than normal. Wowsers I was on Saturn man ??
Gummies or gummy's
125mg would put me in a coma ?
Canna chocolate and rso
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