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Possibly the Most Perfect Toking Album Ever Made?
Great album alright,recently rediscovering how good the klf-chill out album is,well worth a listen,albeit a little less electronic but ye,cant go wron…
Does radar give out tracking code?
In Ireland myself,i would just say forget about the tracking and just wait a little longer.There are few vendors on here more legit/trustworthy than R… + 3 more
Apology issued and tracking given by RB
started topic + 3 more
Waiting for reply from RB
Im now waiting 19 days on package,and 7 days with no response to msg,and i am a long term/loyal RB Customer.I feel very let down by RB and how things …
Anyone else starting to get really pissed?
Mine was marked sent on the first of this month,its now the 20th.Have been waiting over a week now for RB to even read my msgs.And this is NOT my firs… + 4 more
Don’t Panic!
Ye,three weeks for me now with the old fingers crossed for the last two.I know its overly optimistic,but hopefully this week though! :-) A little frus… + 4 more
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UK to Ireland
Ye,mine was on a Wed,and Athlone office too..
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Customs / Shipping Issues?
Ye,i got a love letter from customs a while ago myself,Uk to Ireland.Protocol is usually to just ignore the fuck out of it,order again and hopefully h… + 3 more