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Where is RB? Still unanswered messages
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Irish Orders
Thanks for the heads up man I'll give frank a go next week as I'm waiting on Hashishin to come through,cool glad this vendor is using disguises as it … + 5 more
Warning to others
Hey hootan can you check your messages please Thanks
Just got it!
Rb always delivers and has been my go to vendor since I joined here well over a year ago, I'm sure he will fix the comms situation, and as far as seiz…
Another disappointed customer
Mate RB is 1 of the best sellers on here if your order is late just be patient, I was waiting 14 days for my last order to arrive and it did yesturda…
Another winner!
Yeah RB looks brilliant, I'm hopeing it lands this time and that customs don't get it again, always great bud and amazing service my go to vendor, 40… + 2 more
Hey RB please check your messages, Thanks
Fresh pics
Hey RB Can you please check your messages for my reship Thanks
I need a new series to watch
The Boys or Doom patrol, quality shows right there & the wire If you didnt see it yet,too many to name mate but try them